Sindh Ibex Protected by Sindh Wildlife department efforts

With the efforts of Sindh Wildlife Department putting complete ban on the hunting of Sindh Ibex, the population of rare species has significantly increased in the Kirthar National Park.

Sindh Ibex is along popularly known as “The Wild Goat”, which is common to southwest Pakistan. In Sindh, its habitats include the Kirthar mountain range about 3-4 hours drive 156 kilometres from Karachi, which falls in the southern part of Sindh province.

The park was established back in 1974, and extensive over 3,087 square kilometres Kirthar National Park, the second largest national park, stretches from Jamshoro district to Karachi.

According to wildlife department officials, the last 10 years were crucial in terms of the increase in the population of the wild goat, which is the national animal of Sindh, a 5,000 years old civilization.

More than ten thousand animals have been added to the population of Sindh ibex (at Kirthar National Park) during the past 10 years, which is a highly encouraging sign, considering the previous records, say wildlife officials.

The important initiative taken by Sindh Wildlife Department to protect the Sindh Ibex, is engaging the more than 500 members of the local communities to help protect the rare species, mainly from illegal hunting.