Individual’s role vital to minimize impacts of climate change

Group picture of the participants, trainer and host organization

The Lincoln Corner Karachi organized two-day workshop on “Climate Underreporting: Journalism on the Face of Environment” which ended with the commitment to address the climate change by individual’s actions in our daily life.

The session was addressed by Ms. Uneeba Waqar a prominent environmental journalist. She highlighted the importance of individual’s behavior plays vital role to minimize the impacts of climate change.

She urged the participants to reduce the use of plastic bottles, waste food and plantation campaign in community that might be looks a minor act but it is really have far affects on our environment ultimately.

On the occasion, Muhammad Ammar Abbasi, Program Coordinator-Lincoln Corner Karachi said the aim of the session was to share knowledge and experiences with the youth who will take some initiatives related to climate change mitigation.

At the end of the workshop, all the participants were awarded certificates by the Lincoln Corner Karachi.