Honey Bees Disappearing in Sindh

Once upon a time we usually see honey bees everywhere around even it could easily be found at homes, trees and surround area but is becoming rare now. The reason behind such is the extensive use of pesticide and insecticides in crops.

The agriculture experts are of the view that the excessive use of artificial medicines have contributed and harmed this precious species bee, which is protecting our environment at large level as a result the honey production is also suffered.

The Bee population has be decreasing over the past decade due of various reasons such as; urbanization, construction projects, housing society, continuous cutting of trees, deforestation and many other reasons.

Another significant reason is the climate change that has become the main cause behind the declining bee population. Climate change has affected the rain patters, cultivation of flowers and even the time bees pollinate, cut-down their sources of pollen and owing the reason to disappearance.

According to UNEP https://www.unep.org/news-and-stories/story/why-bees-are-essential-people-and-planet Air pollution is also thought to be affecting bees. Preliminary research shows s that the air pollutants interact with scent molecules released by the plants which bees need to locate food. The mixed signals interfere with the bees’ ability to forage efficiently, making them slower and less effective at pollination.

While the vast majority of pollination species are wild, including more than 20,000 species of bees, the mass breeding and large-scale transport of pollinators can pose risks for the transmission of pathogens and parasites.

In Pakistan, we do not have such research institutes which provide particular data regarding honey bees species are available in Sindh or other provinces.

SindhClimate Message: Let’s save The Bee by following actions:

  • Plant nectar-bearing flowers
  • Buy honey and other hive products from local beekeeper
  • Raise awareness among children
  • Set up a pollinator farm on your balcony, terrace or garden
  • Preserve old meadows