UN Plans to hold Donor’s Conference for Pakistan’s flood victims, Says PM-Shehbaz Sharif

(Twitter: @CMShehbaz): Attended a photo exhibition a little earlier with UN Global Communication head in the UN HQ. These photos tell a tale of misery, pain & anguish that 33 million people of Pakistan are experiencing for no fault of theirs. Our story needs a sympathetic hearing.

NEWYORK: UN https://twitter.com/UNPlans to hold a donor’s conference for Pakistan’s flood victims, says Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif while talking with media. https://twitter.com/CMShehbaz

He said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres https://twitter.com/antonioguterreswhile meeting has assured him that that he plans to hold a donors’ conference either in New York or Europe to raise funds for Pakistan’s flood victims.

He said the date of planned “Donor’s Conference” will be announced soon.

He also briefed media at Pakistan-sponsored exhibition of pictures taken from flood-affected areas at the UN headquarters in NY.

Talking to the media after inaugurating the exhibition, Mr Sharif said he would urge the international community to “come forward” and help Pakistan to deal with this catastrophic floods.

“The destruction is so huge: more than a million houses destroyed, four million acres of crops lost, about 900,000 livestocks washed away and thousands of kilometres of road destroyed,” he added.

The prime minister said that according to one estimate, the floods had caused a loss of at least 30 billion dollars to the national economy. He said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres http://@antonioguterres “has become our voice. I met him today and thanked him for raising the voice of the suffering of Pakistan’s flood-hit people on the international stage”, he said.